Waxwing Waxwing Dick Daniels with Creative Commons License
  • Latin name: Bombycilla garrulus
  • Spotted by: Harriet (just outside the garden)
  • Date spotted: Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Waxwings are a truly beautiful bird. They get their name from the spot on red on their wings which looks like a dot of sealing wax; the wax used in the past to seal letters and press a stamp into. They come to the UK in winter, if and when their is not a good crop of berries in the boreal forests of their native Scandinavia and Russia. They hang out in groups, eating berries. They are especially keen on rowan berries. The collective noun for waxwings is a "museum".

On Valentine's day 2017, we spotted a museum of waxwings on the street next to the garden (Yewcroft Avenue).

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