Photo by Photo by Andrea Trepte used with creative commons licence

The common chaffinch, usually known simply as the chaffinch, is a common and widespread small passerine bird in the finch family. The male is brightly colored with a blue grey cap and red rust under parts. The female are much duller in coloring but both sexes have two contrasting white wings-bars and white sides to the tail. The chaffinch breeds in much of Europe across Asia to Siberia and in the northwest of Africa. The female is known to build there nest in the forks of trees. The clutch is typically  4-5 eggs which hatch within 13 days both of the adult chaffinches feed the chicks for several week after leaving the nest. During the breeding season they forage for tiny invertebrates especially small caterpillars and feed those to there young. The chaffinch is a partial migrant birds. Birds breeding in warmer region are sedentary while those breeding in the colder northern areas of its range winter further south. the male has a strong voice 

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