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  • Latin name: Sturnus Vulgaris

Another fascinating, sociable bird is the starling. People often focus on wildlife that is rare, but focusing on the common wildlife around us can be equally rewarding, and more accessible. Looking out for starlings with children, and watching how they fly together in formation can lead to many interesting conversations. Also looking closely at the patterns and iridescence (shiny rainbow effect) of their feather reveals their beauty. During winter starlings sometimes come together in huge flocks and perform amazing aerial dances called murmurations.  We have been informed that these can currently be seen at the Traveller's Rest Pub in Wideopen, and a big one up at East Chevington Nature Reserve just south of Amble.

A huge murmuration was seen last year at Shibdon Pond Nature Reserve just over the river from us in Blaydon. 

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