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Welcome to our Scotswood Wildlife page. Below you can find photos of some of the wildlife that has been seen in the garden. Click on a photo to find out a bit more about each entry.

We are so fortunate to have such a wide array of wildlife in our lovely garden. Visitors, volunteers and staff enjoy spotting the various plants and animals you can find in the garden. We continue to encourage this through a variety of means, but in particular with our school groups through our Wildlife Superheroes Project where we have trained children and adults in wildlife identification through school visits and our open days. Please share your photos with us using the hashtag #Scotswoodwildlife or by emailing them to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will share them here on our website.


In recent years, we have used the iNaturalist app to record wildlife sightings in the garden. Follow this link if you would like to see a record of wildlife sightings at Scotswood Garden

iNaturalist is a great app not only for recording and sharing wildlife sightings, but also for helping users to identify unknown species. It’s a great way to find out what wildlife there is in your local area too. If you see something exciting why not upload it to iNaturalist yourself or you can tweet or email it to us at Scotswood Garden and we will upload it to iNaturalist for you.

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Photo by Michael Gabler published under creative commons licence.

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Scotswood Garden leaflet for school children

Scotswood Garden leaflet for school children (1)

Every child who visits Scotswood Garden with their school will receive a copy of this leaflet. Click on the image above to access the pages of this leaflet. These online pages are particularly useful if you want to access the websites on the 12 ways page. 

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